My name is Asia

I’m comin’ in hot on my 7th year as a professional photographer and I can genuinely say that raw and honest love is the reason I am committed to this vocation.

In the bridal suite you’ll sometimes hear “don’t cry, your mascara will run.”

I am thankful that the kind of brides drawn to my work are the ones who seek to be present in the joyful moments of their day. They’re my adventure brides who believe that moments matter over things. That real beauty is found in connection. And who also own Urban Decay’s setting spray- that mascara ain’t running no where.

I accept 40 weddings per year so that I can be invested in my couples.





+ My very supportive husband and videographer, Tyler

+ My heart in human form, Ellie Vale & Leon

+ Coffee with lots of cream, every day

+ New adventures that do not include heights


+Mosquitoes, because they love me. And find me. And prey upon me. (I bring bugspray to every wedding, so if you're like me, I've got you covered.)

+Itchy clothes in really cold weather

+Comic Sans and bad typography

My parents named me Asia Joy because I was born in Thailand to a missionary family whose mission was to show God's love to South East Asia. I am an observer and an optimist. I have an obsession with getting to know people and hearing their stories, and I would love to be a part of yours. When intimate moments with people and artistic expression converge in a space called photography- that is my happy place.

I think it's just as important for you to find a photographer who fits your personality. Style and skill set aside, you're hiring a complete stranger to join in on one of the most memorable and intimate days in your life. You want to know that you'll mesh with them. That your personalities click and that they'll make you feel comfortable. If it works out for us to work together, I can't wait to meet you. I hope we're the perfect match. But until then, here are a few things you should know about me.


Asia was the one “non-negotiable” factor of our wedding because I knew the level and quality of the pictures that Asia takes!

I love that her focus is on the genuine characteristics that make a relationship what it is, and not about picked out poses. She allows your true personality shine in pictures!

So many people throughout the night of our wedding and weeks following complimented Asia about the fact that she was everywhere getting pictures and that she was even out on the dance floor throughout the night! We had a blast with her the day of the wedding and our guests can say the same. All of this was to say even before we saw how great our wedding pictures turned out.




Working with Photobyjoy is like having the coolest and funniest cheerleader telling you to kiss your significant other so they can be your paparazzi and take pictures of you. My husband and I are not the *best* when it comes to being comfortable in front of the camera, but Asia makes it so fun and never awkward (which is extremely important for wedding pics).

My favorite part of working with Asia (and Tyler- hello videographer) was the way Asia treated Andrew and I throughout the entire process - engagement photos, bridals, wedding day. Asia literally asked a person if we could borrow their parakeet so I could pretend to be Snow White in my bridals. It was hilarious and the pictures turned out so good we put one up at the wedding!

Tyler and Asia made us feel like we were their bffs on our wedding day which I loved because they just made our day even more special (bc trust me, you want these people as your friends). I cannot stress this enough- they are the ~literal~ best wedding photography/videography duo of.all.time.

I knew I needed someone that made Andrew and I feel comfortable in front of a camera and Asia is just the person for that. She adapts to ANY situation and I always knew I would have beautiful photos even if the only location to take photos was a portapotty (she really is THAT good).

- Madi + Andrew F.



Choosing a photographer is extremely intimidating. Especially when you do not know where to start or who to choose. At first, if you think like me you say to yourself, “okay I need to get pricing and find someone in my budget”. Then once you get general pricing then you panic and think "this person will be capturing the photos I will cherish for the rest of my life. The pictures my future kids will look at one day." Which is all very overwhelming and really dramatic.

But hey, you are a bride and every decision feels extremely intense. Thankfully for me I found Photobyjoy and immediately fell in love with her photos. I contacted her and immediately felt connected with her personality.

She made me feel so at peace and also she expressed the same excitement I was experiencing for my wedding day which meant the world. I choose Photobyjoy because she had the ability to immediately make me feel like I knew her.