Your Memories in Motion

Signature Videography $2,800

Before we offered video, we found ourselves composing to block out videographers in the aisles or competing for shooting space at sparkler exits. We would wait for the organic emotions to happen on the wedding day, and sometimes another video team would high-jack the space and start directing the bride. We realized that we did not want this for our couples. So, we decided to use Photobyjoy telepathic team brains to eliminate this issue.


+3-5 Minute Professional Video, edited to the same feel of your wedding with the same Photobyjoy flavor. Unobtrusive directing and lots of laughing guaranteed.
+On site for the full duration of the photography package
+Film raw audio and video of the ceremony
+The Signature Highlight Video is only available for love birds who book Photobyjoy for photography




Tell Me About Your Videographers, Asia

Technical Questions

Photobyjoy’s Video Masters

We only hire industry-level videographers to work with. Armed with the best gear and stealth mode, my goal is that you experience your wedding day uninterrupted by multiple media crews.

Skills include, but are not limited to

Masterful Filming Experience, Epic Drone Flying Abilities, Postprocessing Editing Work, Sliding Around your dancefloor with sick moves

Artists are kind of weird.

You'll likely find them crouching for the perfect angle or sweeping over the dancefloor with a gimble. We do it for the love of art and for your highlight film!

Why just one videographer?

One word answer. Stealth. We don’t like to intrude on the moment, so we’re prepared to capture the day with as little intrusion as possible. Hence the smaller team.

Why a 3-5 minute highlight?

Research shows that this time frame is the perfect amount to hold your attention with enough space to tell a story. Any shorter and the story feels incomplete, any longer and the pace drags.

How do I get the video?

You will be emailed a download link with download rights!

When will it be ready?

The same time as your photography gallery (6-8 weeks after your big day).

Do I need to pay extra for the drone?

Nope! The drone is an essential part of our style, so it always comes with weather permitting!