Families can feel like a beautiful tornado.


 It takes intentionality to pause and capture the feeling of this imperfect, once in a lifetime, irreplaceable stage of life. Family photos go beyond the function of filling a Christmas card because they are a snapshot of your family’s history.



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Family Session Breakdown


  1.  We plan everything around the youngest kid. This includes the time we shoot to finding a location that doesn’t have a distracting playground on site. We work around nap times. We pack snack rewards. We put in the work.
  2. I will require you to plan your outfit in advance and send me what everyone will look like. Clothing is the number one reason families arrive late to sessions with stressed faces! We can eliminate this by planning ahead.
  3. Be prepared to have fun with playful and goofy prompts that produce the most genuine kind of smiles.

Family Sessions $495 + tax