You must be the Jesus-loving-jewelry-making-business-boss lady Nathan told me about! There’s nothing I love more than seeing women pursue their business passions AND Jesus at the same time. 

My name is Asia and I grew up as a missionary kid in Thailand until I moved to the States for College. I studied Multimedia in Abilene (which is where I met your web-site-guru Nathan) and fell in love with the story-telling powers of Photography. I also fell in love with a Texas boy and now live in Fort Worth with my two kiddos shooting weddings full time.

You’ll see the bulk of my wedding work on this site, but I wanted to shoot some specific portfolio work to help you get a feel for what your products would look like (and feel like) if we worked together.

A Potential Game Plan for Us

Based on the quantity of jewelry we have, I recommend we shoot for 3-5 separate shooting sessions. This will help us keep track of what’s already been shot. It will also give you more variety of content to use in

  1. Designing the site
  2. Social Media
  3. Promoting your work seasonally
  4. Publishing ads online 
  5. Printing for shows/in-store signage

Here’s how it could look! Breaking up the work into 2-3 hr shoots gives us the flexibility to be more creative in picking our locations. You could break it up with a seasonal twist like this

  1. Summer – bohemian picnic in a field 
  2. Autumn -fall colors and fabrics showing how these pieces can be layered over knits
  3. Winter – darker tones, deep colors so that jewelry is poppin’ as the main focus
  4. Spring – airy, bright, pastel color palette 
  5. Overall Lookbook Ideas off the top of my head
    1. community feelings: to use when talking about your mountain movers as a team
    2. multiple women, coordinated outfits
    3. are we targeting women with children? Do we work this into a session for Mother’s Day content?
    4. do you have ministry related content/posts? Would a worship night with strung lights and guitars with people singing wearing your jewelry be a draw for your audience?

Or you could break it up with an aesthetic lead focus like this

  1. Cowtown – play up the country vibes
  2. For day to day life – jewelry worn at play in the day to day life of a mom bc those moments are beautiful too
  3. Bohemian Chic – partnering with a boutique to style your jewelry on designer clothes
  4. The Modern Mama – shooting at the Kimbal with clean white lines and a simpler background with ways to style your jewelry to match that vibe

A more straightforward option would be to rent a chic studio space out, prepare props/looks and hammer out hundreds of pieces for a full day! There are lots of options depending on what look you want for your work.

Here are the three most recent websites I created visual content for: 

Please Reachout


Working with businesses has provided a much needed creative outlet for me that is outside of the wedding world. So, this project sounds like a blast to dream-up. If you would like to talk through pricing and specifics of what you need for getting images into your new site email me at hello@photobyjoy.com or call me at 325-370-2155.

I also live in Fort Worth in case you’d like to grab coffee <3 If you’d like for Nathan to handle the bulk of the coordinating with me and solely hear from me when stylistic questions arise that’s also an option. I’m here for you to make the most of your images while making your life easier.