This little collaboration shoot was such a blast. I had to post some behind the scene photos at the end of this for you to see who all was involved. A special thanks to:

Mary Kate: Thank you for letting a snake crawl around your hair and around your neck while remaining calm and sexy. You took modeling to a new level in this shoot.

Cornflake: Thank you for not being freaked out by the flash equipment and for being an adorable and friendly snake to work with.

Scott Delony: Thank you for bringing Cornflake and for educating us on how to handle snakes. You have such a gift with reptiles, I can’t wait to see Cornflake educate little kids in the future.

Amanda Martin: Thank you for being my makeup/costume design guru. I can’t believe you made this witch outfit by hand. You are insanely talented.

Susan: Thank you for working behind the scenes with props and the studio. It was fun to have you around, especially when you DJed.