As you watch this beautiful love story unfold, see if you can find the following things:

  • Krista’s Cry Face
  • A Dog in a Chicken Costume
  • A Tiara
  • A Clapping Eli
  • A Clapping Lala
  • Hanzel + Gretel
  • A Pretty Ring
  • The Happiest Couple There Ever Was

Oh wow! I was just there for the whole entire proposal through these photos. Engagement photojournalism? Krista’s expressions are absolutely priceless. They say "surprise" "happiness" "yes" "Joy" but mostly "love" when she looks at Erik. It’s amazing.

this is so cute it makes me want to die

Incredible! I love the black and white’s

Oh wow Asia, this may be some of your best work to date. If I were Krista I would want my own mini album of the engagement alone. It’s like the photographer was right there, as if she were a part of the family…..oh wait, she is!!! Love love love!!